We’re taking over the freezer aisle with a plant-based ice cream that is absolutely delicious, allergen-friendly, and makes you feel good. Our flavors are reimagined classics with a superfood twist. We’ve sourced the highest quality ingredients and let their tastes and nutrients shine.

Our Founder,
Carli Blum

Eat , Pray, Sneeze. Story of my life.
Being born with food allergies is not easy. I love food, I celebrate with food, and I am endlessly inspired by it. Food for me is both my hardest challenge and biggest blessing. Being allergic to dairy, gluten, nuts, soy, eggs, and sensitive to refined sugar, I’ve strugled with inflamation and fatigue my whole life. 

In the journey of discovering what foods hurt me I also found the foods that healed. Being a lover of ice cream, I was never able to find a brand that was allergen-freindly and tasted good. One day I asked myself, why can't dairy-free ice cream taste insanely delicious, have clean ingredients, and make your body feel good? From that point on I knew I wanted to bring Sunscoop to the world.

I hope you and your body feel the love and intention in every bite. Most importantly I hope you can truly enjoy the indulgence and feel great afterwards.

Love & Light,

Chelsea Fisher,
Research & Development

After completing her degree in Journalism and Food Studies at the New School, Chelsea taught cooking classes, ran a recipe website, and helped conceive a James Beard nominated cookbook for cancer patients and their caregivers.

After being diagnosed with Hashimotos, an autoimmune disease, she became even more aware of the role of food in health and returned to school to pursue degree in science. All the stars aligned and she was approached by Sunscoop to do flavor development. She also owns a healthfood cafe in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Chelsea's goal is to make delicoius, healthy food part of everyone's life.